Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Denizennes in Action (updated)

AFSister's thinking about Parental Responsibility, or when is it not the parents fault, perhaps? Speaking of parenting - she's on her own this week, sans hubby and kids - so go give her a kind word, eh?!

FuzzyBear Lioness is continuing to fine-tune her ideas on helping the wounded at Walter Reed Army Medical Center, as well as other places.

We don't have pictures yet, but Bad Cat Robot and I ripped into several helpless pieces of paper tonight, proving that the physics of high-speed lead versus thin papyrus-like material has predictable results. Watch her space for more details...
UPDATE : Picture posted now!
UPDATE 2 : I didn't keep my targets from last night, but here is a previously posted target that I'm a bit proud of.

SWWBO confesses that she sings silly stuff (and maybe sells seashells down by the seashore) - but mostly to her horse, Petey!

Cassandra continues to have feminine issues ... er, issues with feminine behavior, that is!

Meanwhile, Kat uses very few words to say what she has to say about Jihad Jane, while using all of the spare words on other topics ... like the murder of Steven Vincent in Basra.

Not to ignore the guys ... Bill muses on Life with a Luddite, while Rammer has some words about words, and John provides my History homework.