Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Freedom lost ... and restored

We are blessed in this country with great freedoms ... we can speak our minds, move about from city to city, work where we can find jobs, and generally do what we like within the bounds of law and public acceptance.

We can do thing big and little, and sometimes it is the little things that irk the most when we can't do them. Small things like writing a note, researching an interesting news story on the web, looking at pictures of family far and wide. If I could not type or operate a mouse, these things would be hard, maybe impossible.

So many of our service men and women are dealing with these encumbrances day-to-day. Project Valour IT is all about freedom. It will fund laptops with voice-control and dictation software, and provide them to military hospitals, so that those with limiting injuries can more easily accomplish these simple tasks.

April Shah of Randomosity thought about how this might have been needed to help her sister. Michelle was injured in Iraq a few months ago, and her best friend and fellow soldier, Gavin Colburn, was killed. Go visit April, and check out her thoughts on this Good Cause, and especially read the comment that Michelle left from Iraq.


We want to raise $600,000 to fully fund the laptops and software for the project, and every small donation helps. You are free ... and your dollars can help them to be free as well. Please look at the project, and donate if you can.

For other news of the project, including open needs to volunteer help, check at the Project Valour IT Blog. Also, feel free to scan down the blog roll of the project in the sidebar, and check out what some of the other Fusileers have to offer.