Friday, August 12, 2005

Friday Fun!

This week's Carnival of the Recipes is beautifully hosted by ALa at Restaurant Sage today. Check out the menu ... the presentation is glorious!

ALa also adds her voice to the Fighting Fusileers for Freedom in support of Project Valour IT.

Katy will have another installment of Self Portrait Friday at The Grass Isn't Greener today ... sometime ... go ahead and pester her - she likes that ... *grin* ! The theme today is Relaxing, maybe she's just slackin'?!

Erik already has his SPF picture posted -- from the sandbox, no less! I love to read his tidbits, too ... go read and drop him a note.

Over at the Castle, John is extending his previous rant, for an astral projection, he projects quite well! And MSG Keith is back from his wanderings with a review on what it means to be an American. He gets to meet his new girlfriend this weekend for the first time. Granddaughter Eleanor is two weeks old now, and has been waiting for Granpa Sarge to show up for the pinky fitting ...

Kat at The Middle Ground is on a tear -- just start at the top and read down to read her further musings/rants on Over There, keeping tabs on the media, and the latest PC stupidity. And if you haven't read the compelling prose from Sgt B, go now...

In other places, AFSister is still on vacation, Punctilious has returned from hers, SWWBO has returned to blogging after a quick hiatus - and reminds us of the definition of Guardian. BCR talks about Project Valour IT, Jack at Random Fate has some follow up on Last Words (or not), and Cass offers Conserva Babe blogging at Villainous Company!