Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Modern Technology

We are surrounded by more gadgetry and technology today than ever before. Cell phones, computers, cordless phones at home, DSL, Satellite HDTV, DVDs ... high tech all the way.

The technology in the business of war has improved as well. We've lost a lot of good people in Iraq and Afghanistan, but it could have been worse without the body armor.

The effectiveness of the body armor means that we have soldiers and marines surviving what might otherwise have been deadly blasts from IEDs and sniper bullets. But the price is sometimes counted for these men and women in arms and legs.

Captain Chuck Ziegenfuss is one such survivor. Thanks to his body armor, and the quick actions of his XO, Captain Jason Spencer, Chuck is recovering - and blogging again.

He taught us that you can face frustrating and painful times with perserverance and wit, when you have an outlet. Being able to write on his blog is one way to communicate, for others it might be the desire to write a letter to the family, or a wish to browse the web for information or entertainment.

Whatever the outlet or reason, the challenge of using a computer can be overcome with voice control software. The purpose of Project Valour IT is to fill that need.

"Every cent raised for Project Valour IT goes directly to the purchase and shipment of laptops, software and equipment for the wounded servicemembers.

Currently we are forming "libraries" of laptops equipped with the voice-controlled software for wounded Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen and Marines at each major military medical center to check-out for a few hours at a time. In the next stage, a fully-equipped laptop will be provided to each servicemember for use throughout in-hospital recovery. Finally, copies of the voice-controlled software for use on home computers will be supplied to servicemembers who still need it as they leave the medical center."

There's a lot to do - You can help in many ways ...

Donate money or software, and check the Project Valour IT Blog for ways to help out (Know anything about managing PR, for example?).

If you are close to The National Naval Medical Center (Bethesda) or one of the other medical centers in the project, and have a technical background - volunteer to assist with set up and training.

As Lawhawk says ... Serve those who Served.