Tuesday, August 09, 2005

More on the loser Phelps

Fred "the dipstick" Phelps is once again planning to disrupt the funeral service of a fallen warrior. This word came via Go Jack Army, where the news was received and relayed, and members of the SF community in the Arlington / Washington DC area were encouraged to help Counterprotest.

The fallen soldier is Sgt. Jason T. Palmerton, who was assigned to the 3rd Special Forces Group this February, and was killed July 23rd in Afghanistan.

Phelps and his so-called church group are hate-mongers of the worst stripe. They have sunk so low as to protest at the services of fallen warriors - because they know that this garners them publicity.

Opelika-Auburn News, Aug. 7th : "... The Rev. Phelps, who was not present at the protest, said during a phone interview Friday the WBC uses the funerals of soldiers from the war in Iraq for its demonstration to garner extra public attention."

This guy just gives the title 'Reverend' a bad name.