Thursday, August 18, 2005

Sgt B has a Way with Words

He may class himself as a grunt, but I love it when blog-brother Sgt B of The Gun Line settles in and writes. Read his take on Grunts and the Press ... it's a treasure!

Also, you may have read about the construction of the USS New York over at Blackfive yesterday. But you have to read the comments to get the best part!

I can see it now...

Two shipfitters walking back to the timeclock at the end of the day:

"You know, it's amazing," says one, "I've been slapping these ladies together for fifteen years, and I've never had a ship come together like this. I mean, the metal almost welds itself, the nuts and bolts go on smoothly every time, and I'd swear that I saw one of the bulkheads kinda move to let a guy get into a confined space to touch up some tack welds..."
"Yeah..." the other man said, "She's not gonna let all that 'waitaminute' stuff get in the way of getting out there. But, ya know, I swear that she wants to get out of here and into the fight."
"How so?"
The man tipped his hardhat back and looked fondly at the huge grey hull, "I was talking with Joe, we wuz x-rayin' some of the hull plate welds - you know Joe, his kid's in the Corps, over in Iraq-"
"Yeah, I know him."
"Yeah, well, he pulled out a letter he got from his kid, I guess they got into it a while back."
"Yeah, and..?"
"I swear to God, man, as soon as Joe finished readin..."
"She growled..."
"Who growled?"
The man reached a hand up to caress the part of the hull he could reach.
"SHE did..."

Posted by: Sgt. B. | Aug 17, 2005 2:50:03 PM