Sunday, August 21, 2005

Sunday Links and Happenings

Chuck (CPT Z) is out of the hospital, having made his escape the other day. He is blogging pretty regularly now, such as today's item on being Almost Famous.

The fact that he can blog at all is thanks to the voice control software he received for his laptop. His freedom has inspired the Valour IT project, which you can read about at Thoughts by Seawitch today.

In other places, AFSister has decorated her side of the puddle, and offers up some creative custom license plates to puzzle out.

The Armorer and SWWBO are visiting San Diego, where Beth writes about the SD Wild Animal Park. She's right - you need to walk a lot to see the whole thing, but it is worth it!

At Blogoram, Rammer notes an intriguing way to get attention, while Punctilious has bed head.

For a little dark military humor, check out Go Jack Army's military cartoons. Meanwhile, Erik rambles on a bit, while endorsing Snickers!

On the serious side, Michael Yon writes more from Mosul, where some serious action has been taking place. Go read his Saturday dispatch, and support him if you can. He is one of the good guys reporting the real news from Iraq.