Friday, October 14, 2005

Front Row Seat

Capt B has a front row seat for the Big Show, as the Iraqi people prepare to vote up or down on their Constitution.

Are his Marines ready to help protect the Iraqis as they vote tomorrow?

Heh ... What do you think?

"It’s a nice night out. Jet fighters/bombers are swarming as you can hear the engine noise at high altitudes throughout. I walked about tonight to talk to the Marines and get a feel for how they are doing and feeling. Passing out a few stoags and shooting the bull they all are locked and loaded for whatever brings in the next few hours. Young studs trained, rehearsed confidant and ready. I don’t pity the scumbags who tread our area as they will get that one-way ticket to Allah. Regardless of how tomorrow turns out, it’s already a big step for us outa here. Thanks for keeping us in your prayers and thanks to everyone stopping by."

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