Thursday, October 13, 2005

Happy Birthday, Lady Thatcher

Thanks to the ever alert JMH, I have been reminded that today is the birthday of a great lady. Former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher has always been a shining example of strength and conviction to me, as I came into my political views during the early 80's. Along with President Reagan, she had much to do with shaping the way I viewed the world and the position of our two countries on that stage.

Michael Howard, the outgoing Tory leader, placed her alongside Winston Churchill in the gallery of national leaders.

"What Churchill did in wartime, Margaret Thatcher did in peacetime. Her political will and her iron courage saw off the threats to our way of life that Britain faced in 1979. We all owe her an enormous debt. I wish her well for her birthday and for many years to come," Mr Howard said.

Today we wish Lady Thatcher a Happy 80th birthday!!

Three cheers for the 'Iron Lady'!


For comparison, see the lively discussion at Castle Argghhh! regarding the changes in law proposed by Prime Minister Tony Blair. Yes, the times are changing - but is this the right way to deal with the current world situation??