Sunday, October 16, 2005

News and Updates

There are some great udpates out this morning around the Iraqi constitutional referendum. Here's a sampling ...

Capt B at One Marine's View :

Now as the country has made a milestone achievement they have democracy in motion. As Americans we want things done yesterday and have little patience for things not produced now. Patience is what is needed here and the coward left wing bed wetters won’t understand that. Iraq is where the US was 200 yrs ago. Will their constitution change? Yes of course as ours still changes to this day.

The Armorer of Castle Argghhh! :
Even the Sunnis voted in large numbers yesterday... even if, as the AP observes, to vote *against* something. Novel idea, that, eh? Not only can you vote (that's happened before in Iraq) but you can vote *against* something. Wonder how many Sunni's, walking away from the polls, had that little epiphany...

John's update had some other Great News as well ... Sgt Hook is blogging again! **Happy Dance!!!**

Sgt Hook has a question for the MSM - Where are the Purple Fingers??

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Major K, DadManley, Fuzzilicious Thinking, and All Things Conservative (H/T to Jarred at Air Force Pundit).

Finally, in the spirit of saving the best for last - go visit Iraq the Model to hear the Iraqi viewpoint, including a video!

Iraqi Policeman near Basra