Thursday, October 20, 2005


Let's see ...

BillT has a reader challenge posted, be sure to form your response before reading the comments.

Also from the Castle, Cassandra takes a look at the tepid response of the MSM to the resounding success of the Iraq vote last weekend. Wherever you post, Cass - it's a good thing!

Jarred at Air Force Pundit shares some of the news from CENTCOM. Blackfive is following this as well.

Firepower 5 is headed to Pakistan to help with the relief efforts. So is Sgt Hook's old unit.

The Marines in Iraq know that the election is over, but Capt B reminds us there is no Holiday yet. Be sure to read the comments.
THIMBLE ... heh!!

Bubblehead at Subsunk points to discussions on women serving on submarines, head over to Chapomatic to follow the whole thing.

And while we're being Jointy, let's not forget that key service ... the Military families. They wear no uniforms, but serve nonetheless.

Also, check out the Holidays for Heroes info at Mudville Gazette, to see how you can help the Soldiers' Angels organization improve the spirits of all of the troops this season. Note that the window for sending packages to the troops deployed overseas is not very long -- so don't wait!

For fun - jump over to Snake Eater's and enjoy the dancing and paratrooper pr0n.

** UPDATE **

This item from Thunder6 warms the heart of at least one Apache Pilot - he says it feels good to be appreciated!