Saturday, March 12, 2005

Catching Up

I blew out of the house early this morning to chase little white balls around a golf course, and am just getting caught up!

First and Foremost ... HAPPY BIRTHDAY, BETH! There was a comment party going on today at She Who Would Be Obeyed, in honor of Beth's Natal Day - heck, it may continue through the night! Hat Tip to John of Argghhh!, of course - who else but her husband to make sure the party got rollin'?

Sgt B at The Gun Line has completed his Haloscan upgrades and is back in biz with a great post about getting in touch with his Girlie Side.

Sean from DocInTheBox has been Mudville-lanched over 150,000 hits. His site has a lot of very cool stuff happening - go there to check out the clock at least :-)

And speaking of Grayhawk - help him celebrate 20 years in the service! Grayhawk - Thanks for your service, and that of your family as well.

Plus special thanks for the Milblogs, which bring us the viewpoints and stories of all of our armed service men and women - Job well done!

Finally - go visit Castle Argghhh! and play in the Caption Contest ...