Monday, March 21, 2005

Congress and the President act ...

I decided to start a new post to track the current action in the Terri Schiavo case, to highlight the activities of the last 24 hours. There has been progress, but this is merely another notch in the belt, we have a ways to go yet.

Congress pulled a session over the weekend, and managed to pass legislation to pull the case into Federal jurisdiction. John of Argghhh! notes the interesting numbers of those who either did not vote, or who voted against the measure. Take a moment to check on your own legislators, and see if you are happy with their voting.

BlogsForTerri lists the 5 Republicans who voted against the bill, one of whom is from my own state - although not my district. This is his first term - wonder if it will be his last?

There is a hearing set for 3pm eastern regarding a restraining order to reinstate the feeding tube. Seems like this is all moving at a turtle's pace to me.

Mrs. Grayhawk has a comprehensive post over at Mudville Gazette, including an enlightening note that Mr. Schiavo, when interviewed on Larry King Live, was not sure what Terri's wishes would be at all!

This just strengthens my feelings towards erring on the side of life where we don't have specific guidance from a Living Will.

Paul at Whizbang says the Democrats who voted against the bill were "brilliant. For 53 votes, they tar their whole party with the stench of trying to kill this poor woman. They define tone-deaf. "

I'll update this post as I can today...