Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Interviews and Current Events

INTERVIEW 2 of 3 (so far)

I wanted to share the interview responses that I received from my third interview volunteer, 'name scout'. For those of you who are not regular denizens of Castle Argghhh!, Scout is one of the scruples who call the Castle home. They are an active part of the Castle's lively clan, so I was glad to have the chance to ask some questions of Scout for the continuing Interview meme. I also thank Scout for correcting me gently on the misspelling of 'Scruple'. This shouldn't happen again, now that I have taught the spell checker the correct spelling!

Make sure to read the Q&A all the way through, as I have other updates which will tie in below...

Interview with name scout

1. What are Scuples[sic], and where do you come from?

>>hzz. Pretty barb-lady funny. name scout not be scu’pl, be scrup’l. scrup’ls be canidae what hy’umun throw away, sometimes on road. call same pound-puppy. name scout from breeder not want cuz markings not perfect. name kc from interstate 95 ten miles from nearest house. name muffy from farm pless. name jake not know where from. bigfoot say was find in woods when three month old.

2. How did you meet Bigfoot, er ... I mean Chief Bill?

>>hzzz. bigfoot find. [*shrug*] circumstance vary. mostly dumb scrup’l luck.

3. What's your earliest happy memory?

>>hzzz. mother. fur sof’. name muffy say same. name kc say same. name jake say see bigfoot.

4. Besides squirrel/Chocolate-Chip cookies, what is traditional scruple food?

>>hzzzz. scrup’l like crunch food what live in big red-white bag what live in garage pless. not eat chok’lit or squirrel. that rĂ´le-pleh for make hy’umuns laugh. hzzzzz. funny. chase squirrel, though.

5. Can you speak cat? If so, what do the cats at the Castle talk about when Beth and John are away?

>>hzzz. name jake good at cat-thing talk. cat-thing live down road visit, scrup’ls and cat-thing curl up in huge ball and sleep in sun after pleasantries. cat-thing name annie and cat-thing name hal not talk much at castle pless. sometimes talk about get head skritch from pretty lady what give chin tickles. sometimes kibitz chess game because name kc sucker for sacrificial pawn.

>>hzzz. pretty barb-lady nice. name scout give freebie. answer question what not is asked. scrup’l not choose other animal form, choose hy’umun. hy’umun have precious gift, but sometimes forget and not thank for gift. sometimes forget have gift. some hy’umun not believe have gift. scrup’l would cherish and honor gift, cuz not have. reason scrup’l hang around hy’umun is to be close to gift.

gift is name soul.

Scout is a very wise scrup'l, and speaks great truth. Life, as a biological thing, is amazing - but what makes us unique is our humanity ... our compassion ... and yes, our souls. We are more than the sum of our organic components, or we are nothing.

There have been some intense discussions taking place recently at the Castle, and in many other places around the blogosphere, regarding the court ordered removal of Terri Schiavo's feeding tube last Friday.

John Donovan notes that we have passed the 100-hour mark into the starvation of Terri, and I echo his concerns that we need to continue this discussion as a society. For previous discussions, go here, and here.

Some other good reads on the issue :

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IMAO : The Humane Thing to Do ...
** Warning - severe sarcasm alert - your mileage may vary.

... as well as the complete blogroll of Blogs for Terri on the right side of this site.

We need to keep Terri and her family in our thoughts and prayers. We also need to think deeply about what this says about us as a society, and how we want to deal with the helpless in our midst. This topic won't go away, even if we let Terri starve.