Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Links today

Have you ever imagined what would happen when a helicopter meets a wire in flight? As a rare survivor of just such an event, helicopter pilot extraordinaire Chief Bill explains Why he Hates Wires.
... I'm just glad his Guardian Angel keeps close tabs on him!

Lest we forget that there are still activities happening in the Other Sandbox, John has some updates today in his Afghan Bulletin.

Remember SFC McNaughton? If you haven't read his story, review this item from last April on Blackfive. The latest news is that he has graduated from quick runs with the President to complete marathons! Not bad for a soldier with one leg to stand on, eh?

And somebody needs to let Eric of Straight White Guy know that his blog-sitter, Acidman, has been wreaking havoc in his absence! Let's see, he's been attacking Elvis, setting fire to the deck, and evading the law! Word has it he has tried to blame it all on the now tail-less kitty, to boot! Eric - you better get home soon, man!