Thursday, March 03, 2005

Welcome home, Lt. Suits and the 81st ...

Yesterday's post on Operation Support Our Troops mentioned a rally this weekend for the returning 81st Brigade at Ft. Lewis. What I didn't realize is that the first soldiers of the unit have already returned.

Among the 137 soldiers who returned on Tuesday was Lt. Bryan Suits, a talk show host on the local radio station KVI.

Also meeting her husband was Rachel Suits of Issaquah. She and her husband, Lt. Bryan Suits, a KVI radio talk show host, had married last September when he was home on leave.

Five hours after they were married he was heading back to Iraq, she said.

"We never had a honeymoon,'' she said.

This past year Lt. Suits was able to report several times on the local situation by calling in to talk with Kirby Wilbur on the KVI morning show. While deployed he earned a Purple Heart and a Bronze Star.

The King County Journal story discussed the 81st involvement in Iraq ...
... Many more will be coming in the next three to four weeks as more than 3,500 members of the 81st Brigade come back to civilian life.

The unit's deployment to Iraq was the largest deployment of the state's national guardsmen since World War II.

You can read the entire article online here. Hat tip to Brian Crouch at Sound Politics.

Welcome Home 81st!! Good Job!