Saturday, April 02, 2005

And the world moves on...

It's been a strange week. Much debate raged over Terri Schiavo, who is now at rest - though the controversy is not. I hope that the debate over the choice for Life, versus the cult of Death, continues ... in a constructive way.

Pope John Paul II died today, and Catholics and non-Catholics around the world mourn his passing. I am not Catholic, but I remember him best standing strong against communism. It will be a challenged to find a new spiritual leader capable of touching non-Catholics as much as he did.

John Donovan at Castle Argghhh reminds us of the broad impact that he had on our world, as does Bunker Mulligan, who also points to some good reading material . Phil at Red Guy in a Blue State has some insights on what we should hope for in the next man selected as Pope.

It's a new month, spring is popping out all over here in the pacific northwest.

And tonight is the night we lose an hour of sleep. Don't forget to change your clocks, folks!