Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Best Milblog Pictures...

Among the 20 photographs announced today as Pulitzer Prize winners is the one which captured the killing execution of Iraqi election officials by terrorists, as noted by Michelle Malkin today. As she points out, this is a very controversial choice ... Since there were very troubling questions regarding how that photographer happened to be present at the exact moment, and to capture those specific images. The implication is that there was a tip-off, which pushes the photographer over the line from observer to participant.

In reaction to this controversy, bloggers around the blogosphere are reacting by suggesting more appropriate images from Iraq and Afghanistan.

Start with Michelle's update, then scan the item that Matt at Blackfive highlights, and take some time to review the great collection going at Mudville Gazette.

John at Castle Argghhh has a new video presentation from MSG Keith, direct from Afghanistan.