Tuesday, April 19, 2005

The Dance

The skill and daring needed to herd a helicopter safely through the skies are impressive enough, but the amazing BillT of Castle Argghhh shares a glimpse of his poetic side with In The Sandbox at Blonde Sagacity. The prose and pictures need to be absorbed together - go to it!

While you are there, take the time also to read ALa's tribute to A Fallen Marine, Cpl. Michael B. Lindemuth, who was killed last week in Iraq. He Danced for us, remember him well.

On the plus side of that equation, Major K gives us an update on the successful hunt for the terrorists who killed CPL Watson in Ladies & Gentlemen, We got 'em.

Good on you, Major K!

Another remembrance to Cpl. Lindemuth and all of his fallen brothers and sisters comes from Kat at The Middle Ground. It starts like this ...

All Their Names
K. Henry

I don't recall all their names
I never touched their smiling faces
I didn't watch them grow to men
Nor loose their earth bound traces

Yet they are with me every day
Engraved forever on my soul
Brave men whose blood they gave
That this freedom I could hold