Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Flex your mental muscles

Some mental gymnastics to tune your brain up for the day ahead...

This quiz will gauge your mental flexibility and creativity. Few people can solve all of them in one sitting, and some may only get half on the first day. Many reported getting answers long after the test had been set aside, at unexpected moments when their minds were relaxed, and some reported solving it over a period of several days.

Example: 16 -O- in a -P-
Answer:16 Ounces in a Pound

1) 26 -L- of the -A-
2) 7 -D- of the -W-
3) 1001 -A- -N-
4) 12 -S- of the -Z-
5) 54 -C- in a -D- (with the -J-)
6) 9 -P- in the -S- -S-
7) 88 -P- -K-
8) 13 -S- on the -A- -F-
9) 32 -D- at which -W- -F-
10) 18 -H- on a -G- -C-
11) 90 -D- in a -R- -A-
12) 8 -S- on a -S- -S-
13) 3 -B- -M- (-S- -H- -T- -R-)
14) 4 -Q- in a -G-
15) 24 -H- in a -D-
16) 1 -W- on a -U-
17) 5 -D- in a -Z- -C-
18) 57 -H- -V-
19) 11 -P- on a -F- -B- -T-
20) 1000 -W- that a -P- is -W-
21) 29 -D- in -F- in a -L- -Y-
22) 64 -S- on a -C- -B-
23) 40 -D- and -N- of the -G- -F-
24) 76 -T- in the -B- -P-
25) 50 -W- to -L- -Y- -L-
26) 99 -B- of -B- on the -W-
27) 60 -S- in a -M-
28) 1 -H- on a -U-
29) 9 -J- on the -S- -C-
30) 7 -B- for -S- -B-
31) 21 -D- on a -D-
32) 7 -W- of the -A- -W-

6-11...Somewhat Intelligent
12-18...Very Intelligent

I received this in an email some time back, and forwarded it to my brother and sister. At the end of the day, we each shared what we had completed. Between the three of us we had all of the answers, and each of us had about two-thirds of the list complete.