Friday, April 22, 2005

Friday links

ALa at Blonde Sagacity has a few new entries to her In The Sandbox series today. First, we have Castle contributor MSG Keith from Afghanistan, who recently celebrated his 30th year in military service. Go to ALa's and check out In the Sandbox...The Castle Replies / MSG Keith.

On the Challenge side we have Desultory Butterfly (Desult), bringing us a story from 91Ghost, who served in Gulf War I, and no longer blogs. Desult's site can be found here.

For more background on In the Sandbox and the Challenge series, you can start here.

ALa also points out the story of a recent spitting event. Bunker Mulligan also has a short note on the event here, and recalls his own experience with the receiving end of such behavior.

By the way - Bunker's son Birdie has just deployed to Afghanistan, and missed the birth of his daughter Rylee Danielle, keep the family in your thoughts.

If you need a chuckle, Bunker shares an interesting check list to determine whether you are Metrosexual or Medieval?
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