Saturday, April 09, 2005

Saturday Links

I am sure that I'm not alone in avoiding Wal-Mart at all costs. To help them shape up their image, Varifrank has provided 10 Helpful Tips for Wal-Mart. Thanks to Snarkatron at Snark Patrol for the nudge in the right direction...

Phil at Red Guy in a Blue State has a funny story about the results of an interesting writing assignment.

When Cass of Villainous Company gets bored, she finds some odd stuff ... like the 'how jedi are you' questionnaire.

Not Very, I guess ...

:: how jedi are you? ::

Cass also pointed out this very funny T-Shirt

From PiratesCove comes the interesting news that Congress may keep the Sun turned on longer, because that's what more Daylight Savings Time will mean, right???

Eric at Straight White Guy points to a surprising story -- Who knew that Hitler was a sensitive little Momma's Boy?

Note to Castle Denizens ... the comment bar at AFSister's place has opened up. Time to visit My side of the puddle and leave a note!!