Sunday, April 17, 2005

Sunday Reading

Last night I was intrigued by Jack's post Another downside to globalization. After pondering the question "what are the larger implications of China having control over such a large percentage of the world output of this metal?", and deciding that the implications are sizeable, I was compelled to find out more.

The link that I found and shared with Jack became today's helping of global economy, Raw Material Prices - It's not all about Oil, which I consumed with my second cup of coffee this morning.

I am generally in favor of a global market economy, but I certainly want to see the US maintain a position of strength economically. The word 'maintain' may be a poor choice, though, based on this reading. There is great potential demand for resources pent up in the large populations of China and India, and they are modernizing at an incredible rate. We need to determine what steps will guide us away from complacency, and maintain our leading position in the global economy.

On the plus side of the global environment is Secretary of State Condi Rice - and Kat of The Middle Ground tells us that she would like to be like Condi when she grows up! Here is Kat's take on Condi's style ...

This lady can cut the legs out from under her adversaries and beat them with the bloody stump, all the while smiling benignly behind the pulpit.

I love it!

Also, go and check out the Afghanistan update from MSG Keith at Castle Argghhh. The material is from Thanksgiving timeframe, but it is still great reading - and the pictures are wonderful. I especially like the shot of young girls singing in their colorful clothing. Good things are happening there, we just need to be reminded by reports like this.

SWWBO reminds us that this week's Carnival of the Recipes is up over at CounterTop Chronicles. Yumm!