Friday, April 08, 2005

Why are You here?

ALa of Blonde Sagacity asks What is this, in regards to the whole Blogging thing ...

Maybe I am over-analyzing, but I can't stop thinking about blogging and the interactive realm of the internet. What is it, how did I get here, what role does it play in my life, what need is it fulfilling, what's too much, who do you trust, are people really who they portray online....? These are just some of the questions that roll through my mind.

Why are we here? Whether you blog or leave comments, or simply read or lurk, then pass on by, what is the draw of the Blogosphere for you?

I started reading blogs less than a year ago, and was quickly drawn to the Milblogs. I wanted to know more about events in the GWOT, and I found the Milblogs as a great resource. The political discussions attracted me, especially on those sites where differing viewpoints could be discussed without rancor.

Why did I decide to stake down my own little corner of the 'sphere? Good question ... Next question? *grin*

Seriously, I can't give a simple answer to that one. Part of it comes from finding so much that interested and challenged me in other blogs. After I ventured into comments, then I started to want to say other things on my own. Part of it was the fact that I could dabble in it quickly, and new technology was fun for itself.

ALa also poses an interesting thought on the relationships that derive from blog interactions :

Are we friends even though we have never met? Can we be friends if we've never met? Many of you I speak with more than people in my 'real' what's 'real'? When I make my Christmas card list this year --who deserves a slot? The 'real' friend that I haven't actually seen in three years or some of you that I speak with everyday, but have never laid eyes on. And what about when this world crosses over...on the phone, on IM or over dinner...or a Blogger's Ball? Does it become 'real' then or was it 'real' all along?
I had several conversations just the other night around this same area. So I have been thinking about this idea quite a bit.

First of all, friends are friends - whether we met first through the internet or in person matters not. Secondly, I think that not only can we form true friendships without meeting one another, it may lead a purer form of friendship.

We didn't form these friendships because we happened to work together, live next to one another, etc. We formed them because we shared ideas with each other, and came back for more. As long as we have been honest, then the bonds between us are not based on age or physical parameters, or on other accidents of location. Instead the bonds are based on how we think - and that is a better, stronger bond to me.

Getting to meet any of you face to face will just be the icing on the cake!

Many thanks to Aunti Craker for the link tip.


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