Thursday, October 06, 2005

News on SFC Buzz Robertson

I have an update to share with you from Buzz Robertson's Aunt. She is very proud of her nephew, as you can imagine, especially for his dedication and spirit. Here is the latest update :

The Buzz Report

Today, SFC Richard (Buzz) Robertson was supposed to have some skin graft operations before being shipped down to Augusta, GA for rehabilitation. However the operation was postponed. His high temperatures (103) have not abated. Last week it was thought that the fevers were caused by a fungus introduced into his system by a piece of shrapnel. However, after the wound was cleaned out again, and more antibiotics were given, the fever still came back. This week they discovered he has a urinary tract infection, but he has been on antibiotics for several days for that – yet still runs a high fever at night. (Mostly he runs a high fever at night or after he has had an especially active day.)

Now the doctors are going to check for malaria and possible other causes of the fevers.

THE GOOD NEWS. Today, when Buzz was told that the skin graft operation would be postponed, he said, “Well, help me dress so I can go to physical therapy.” However that was not to be. After he was dressed, he and several other wheel chair patients were told that a special guest was coming to present their purple hearts ribbons. They were wheeled down to a recreation room and waited. Buzz was grumbling to himself because he does not like to miss physical therapy. Then… in walked PRESIDENT AND LAURA BUSH!

President Bush took time with each man to speak briefly and shake hands and salute when he awarded the medals. When he came to Buzz, he said, “So SFC Robertson, what about those legs?”

Buzz replied, “Well sir, I started out as a paratrooper and now I’m a paraplegic.” They shared a laugh. Buzz was so elated, he could have floated back to his room without the wheel chair. What a distinct honor!

As for the skin grafts, we don’t know when those will be done. It all depends on when the fever subsides. So he will be at Walter Reed for at least another week. If you have lost his mailing address, it is:

SFC Richard Robertson,
Walter Reed Hospital, Room #5861
Washington, DC 20307-0004

His birthday was October 2 – but it’s not too late to send a birthday card. He is now 36 years old.

... Buzz's Aunt

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Send cards to let Buzz know you're thinking of him, and his family as well.

While you're at it, send a card to his friend Chuck Yerry, who I wrote about here as well. And send emails to both of them, while you're at it ...

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