Saturday, March 26, 2005

Interviews and other events

New friend and blogger Frank stopped by to fill the final interview spot yesterday. Frank has been exploring many avenues in the Blogosphere since he started blogging ... Go here to read the Q&A, on Frank's CondiPundit site ... there is even a free joke to demonstrate his fine sense of humor! You should also check out his support for the Military on He That Shall Live This Day, and for general links of interest, scan Poor Frank's Almanac.

Frank asked if he was going to be famous now that he's been interviewed here?
*snicker* Yeah, sure ... I told you he had a great sense of humor... Good one, Frank!!!

This wraps up my interview list. Thanks to everyone who played - John / Argghhh!, name scout, FuzzyBear Lioness, and Phil / Red Guy in a Blue State. I had fun, I hope you did, too!

Meanwhile, we've got anniversaries, birthdays, and other events to celebrate ...

Straight White Guy Eric celebrates 11 years of marital bliss - Happy Anniversary, Eric and Mrs. SWG! Be sure to read the story he wrote for last year's anniversary, it's got a great ending.

Today is my friend Bad Cat Robot's birthday ... HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Bad Cat! I hope your day is full of everything you want :-) Lunch is on me next chance we get!

Hat tip to John at Castle Argghhh, who has been soliciting ideas for gifts! Check out the thoughts for the fine female feline ;-)

Many of us are celebrating Easter today, check out Grayhawk's banner, and read about Easter traditions while you are there.

For a little lighter fare on Easter, Margi Lowry points us to Cap'nWacky's. Click next as often as you dare ;-)

New blog alert!

Check out Shades of Gray, brand new this week. From this post, it looks like we have another former Marine in action. Welcome, Sir!