Wednesday, June 01, 2005

A Brother's Tribute

Blackfive had a great tip yesterday on a Milblog that Teresa of Technicalities had brought to his attention. I had to check it out, since the Castle Argghhh correspondent from Afghanistan, MSG Keith, redeployed recently, leaving us short on the news from the other war front.

Sieg's blog is a great site, with pictures galore, and videos as well. I was clicking along, enjoying the notes and images, when I ran across this post. I had to search the DoD news releases to find the name, and located it in the story of the tragic helicopter crash on April 6th, less than two months ago.

Please visit the Sieg's site and see the tribute that Chuck Prather paid to his brother, Chief Warrant Officer Clint J. Prather. Let them all know how much they mean to us...