Friday, June 24, 2005

Friday Updates (updated!)

Good news to start off a Friday ... CPT Ziegenfuss is heading for Walter Reed today (Friday). Carren (The Mrs.) posted an update Thursday night - with the best news being that she got to talk with Her Hero! Keep those positive thoughts flowing!


The wonderful Mrs. Greyhawk was able to visit with CPT Z (aka Chuck) before he left Landstuhl for Walter Reed Army Medical Center. Go over to the
Mudville Gazette for details on her visit with him, and more info on the brave acts of both the commander and his XO, CPT Jason Spencer ...

Something he did ask me to blog about was CPT Jason Spencer, Chuck's XO. Because Chuck was wearing heavy Kevlar armor, he went bottoms up in the canal, and was drowning, Jason dove into the canal to save him, only to find himself in the same predicament as Chuck and almost drowning himself, but he managed to muscle himself upward to then help pull Chuck ashore. This man is a hero and Chuck wanted me to spread the word on this.

For other amusements ...

Stroll through AFSister's garden.

Find out what Real Science looks like - thanks to Bad Cat Robot.

Check out Desultory Girl's new wheels, and wish her (and her twin) a Happy Birthday!

Finally - for a Real Good Time, skip the picture of me and head over to Katy's place (where The Grass isn't Greener), and check out her Self Portrait Friday. This week's theme is shorts ...