Thursday, June 16, 2005

A good time was had by all ...

Wheee ... Righty's have more fun! An evening of food, beer, dead mushrooms and lively discussion among bloggers from the right side of the spectrum.

I was joined by ...

Bad Cat Robot / Snarkatron of Snark Patrol
Steve of Digital Brown Pajamas
Hanya of The Right-Stuff, and her terrific hubby Ray
Rednex of Rednex Rants

We all met at a local eatery with a nice selection of brews on tap, and which comes with free Wi-fi. Since Bad Cat Robot was the only one toting a laptop with a functional wireless adapter - she live blogged the event, the food, and the discussion.

This was a great first meeting, which we intend to turn into a regular event. So watch for future Pub-blogging from the Pacific Nut-West!