Monday, June 06, 2005

History: Old and New (Updated)

We should remember that today is the 61st anniversary of D-Day - but there are other events sharing this date in history. And some new history in the making...

John of Argghhh has some great pics and links to refresh our memories on D-Day and other June 6th events in our history, as it is Quite a Day!


Judge Bridges has ruled that the evidence shows that King County and Washington State elections are severely flawed - but that there is no specific evidence to allow him to turn over the 'will of the people' ... Judge rules in favor of Democrats (registration required, sorry)

Here's my favorite part ...

In turning back the Republican challenge to the Democrat, Judge Bridges said there was no evidence of fraud in last fall's election. The judge did find there were more than 1,600 illegal votes, but he said it's up to voters to fix errors in the state's election system.

*blink, blink*

Let me get this straight ... We have a broken voting system, and we are supposed to fix it IN AN ELECTION??!!

He's dead a$$ serious, too. I wish he was joking ... it sounds like Who's on First to me. TANJ ... Anyhow, the case is headed for the state Supreme Court.

Heartless Libertarian adds a succinct summary ...
In order to overturn an election, the challenger must prove that there votes were counted illegally, and who those votes were for. However, ballot secrecy laws make it impossible to know how any one individual voted. Which makes the contest statue almost meaningless.


Thanks to Stefan Sharkansky and others at Sound Politics for the fantastic coverage and background info on the case. From beginning to end, they have been the best resource on the challenge.

In case you are not from Washington State, or you live here but have been hiding under a barrel - the suit was brought by the Republican party to contest the November Gubernatorial election circus.

The evidence presented in the case includes voting by felons and dead people, lack of controls for ballots, improper handling of provisional ballots, mysterious appearance of new ballots during recounts, invalid counts of ballots, and failure to perform the proper due dilligence before certifying the results to the canvassing board.

For a complete layout of the events to date - start with the Timeline. For the results today, you can connect to the live streaming from TVW starting at 9am/pacific, and I'll add an update later today.