Thursday, June 30, 2005

Looking around

Kate of Small Dead Animals points to this image ... Heh. Turns out the design by Hugh Macloud is available on a t-shirt at gapingvoid t-shirts. Hat tip to JMH ... Thanks!!

A great place to visit for visual stimulation is wohba! -- take a gander at this wild shot of a Tornado and Rainbow together...

Bad Cat Robot has been delving into archeology as part of her house project, and has discovered Wonderful Things. Among other things, she has uncovered the fact the Times haven't really changed much in 55 years ... the Seattle Times, that is.

Time is short for blogging today, but I wanted to point out some new items in my sidebar.

A Long Strange Trip comes from Sgt. Erik Holtan, who is currently in Iraq serving with the MN National Guard. I love today's post about clarifying his thoughts before falling asleep...

LindaSOG of Something ... and Half of Something is certainly not new to blogging, but when I read her take on the Quagmire ... in Washington D.C., I just knew I had to make her part of my daily reads!

By the way - Katy of The Grass Isn't Greener continued her weekly Wonder Blog series this week with a pointer to Kellie of Why are These Kids Following Me? , which has to be one of the funnier names I've seen in the blogosphere.