Saturday, June 04, 2005

Music Meme

Last week it was movies, this week it's music. Thanks to Cassandra at Villainous Company, I spent some time figuring out how much space is devoted to music files on my computer ... and have some other factoids about my listening habits as well...

Total Volume Of Music On My Computer:
About 1.2GB - not a lot in the scheme of things. But I don't listen to the music on the computer very often - since the sound system in the next room has better speakers *grin*

The Last CD I Bought Was...
Alison Krauss and Union Station : "Lonely Runs Both Ways"
Selected by the Hubster, as most of our current music additions are. I tend for the older stuff, as will be evident below...

Five Songs I Listen To A Lot, or Mean A Lot To Me:

1. "Oh How the Years Go By- Vanessa Williams (Next)
I listened to this on the drive to fly to Florida (from Idaho) when my Mother died.

"... All through the changes, the soul never dies. We fight, we laugh, we cry, as the Years go by..."
It still makes the tears flow - but I love listening to it.

2. "In the Air Tonight" - Phil Collins (...Hits)
This one is very simple - the drum riff sends chills down my spine every time.

3. "Jungle Rhythm" - Lorraine Feather (Cafe Society)
The Hubster introduced me to this lady - who has a lovely voice. This song is lively and funny, and demonstrates her amazing vocal control.

4. "Would I Lie to You" - Eurhythmics (Women in Rock)
Just plain fun to listen to / sing along with at the top of my lungs while driving!

5. "Bat out of Hell" - Meat Loaf (Bat out of Hell)
I warned you - some of my favorite music is Pretty Old. This whole album is fun to listen to, and "Paradise by the Dashboard Lights" was close behind - but the title song is my fav. I sing along with this one, too ... *grin*.

There you have it, my warped and varied musical enjoyments.

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