Thursday, June 23, 2005

OpOrd from Blackfive / MediaSlander

If you are not familiar with the name Linda Foley, then I suggest reading the timeline and reference at the MediaSlander site to see the kinds of slanderous and demeaning statements she has made, to fully understand the mission of MediaSlander.

Received from Blackfive today is an Operation Order "for dealing with Linda Foley and the Newspaper Guild. We need your help to take action. Link, Comment, and Take Action."

The Call to Action today ... Contact Local Newspaper Guild Leaders :

Below is a list of various Newspaper Guild local unions and appropriate contacts. To email the local union representatives and ask them if their silence should be interpreted as tacit support for Linda Foley's slanderous accusations of murder against the troops of the US Military, simply click and compose your message. Available phone numbers have also been provided.

Do these elected local Guild leaders appreciate a union leadership that directly accuses the troops of the US Military of murdering journalists as a matter of strategic doctrine?

Do they appreciate a union leadership that, in defense of Linda Foley's baseless and slanderous accusations, manages to also slander the murdered victims of the 9/11 attacks on the World Trade Center as 'Money Changers'?

As local union leaders themselves, if they aspire to one day become President of The Newspaper Guild, is this the kind of leadership they themselves would provide?

What actions are they willing to take to effect change?

While an apology and a retraction of the statements by Linda Foley is in order, an apology and retraction will not move towards restoring credibility. Only change will move to restore credibility.

Will any local union leaders have the courage to call for a special election and demand a change in leadership?

Who among them possesses the moral courage to stand up and truly 'support the troops'? Who among them will prove that it is more than a yellow ribbon or a bumper sticker?

The members of Media Slander have attempted to contact local Guild leaders. Nearly all attempts have gone unanswered.

We need your help.

Please, be courteous. We want the help of the local leaderships, not conflict. Remember, this is not a war against journalists. We need good and fair journalists. It is vital to our democracy. The majority of them surely are good and fair journalists. Their reputations and credibility, however, are being unfairly undermined by the high-profile recklessness of their union president. How effective can our good journalists ever hope to be if their credibility is regularly being undermined through no fault of their own? They deserve better.

Our purpose is to have Linda Foley, the President of The Newspaper Guild, held accountable for her irresponsible, reckless and slanderous comments. The most effective way is for her own union members to demand action and express dissatisfaction with their leadership.

Journalists love maverick leaders who foster debate and change from within. Witness John McCain and Zell Miller.

Where are the elected Guild leaders' Mavericks?

Readers are also encouraged to write letters to the editor to their local newspapers and address local journalists directly. Let them know that we think they deserve better and that they should exercise their right to demand better.

This is not about Left or Right, conservative or liberal. This is about slanderous accusations made by The Newspaper Guild's President against our troops (inseparable from 'the US Military'). Not conservatives' troops. Not liberals' troops. Our troops. Our Military. It's fundamentally about the unfair price journalists at large pay in credibility and the price news consumers pay as a result.

[NOTE: Due to the length of the contact list, I am only including the two local to Washington. The complete list, which will be updated as needed today, is in the linked post here.]

Northwest Guild

Nyssa Rogers

Steve Miletich
Vice President