Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Plan B

I've been thinking about Monday's decision on the election challenge here in Washington, and Rossi's choice not to file an appeal.

What should we do next? How can we get started on cleaning up the election process, and how should we get rid of the entrenched County Executive and Council?

Stefan Sharkansky at Sound Politics proposed something several months ago called Plan B. To truly understand the point of the plan, you have to know two things ...

(1) Larry Phillips is the County Councilman who discovered to his horror that his absentee ballot had not been counted due to unscanned signatures, leading to 561 *new* votes in King County to be added to the 2nd *recount* (3rd count), and

(2) Precinct 1823, in downtown Seattle, had 763 registered voters, of which 527 listed their residence as the King County Administration Building

Keep these in mind as you review the gist of Plan B ...

So here's Plan B. Let everybody who voted for Dino Rossi in November re-register to vote giving the King County Administration Building as their residence. We can then all vote in this year's elections for both a Republican to unseat Larry Phillips, giving the council a 5-4 Republican majority, and also for a Republican to replace King County Executive Ron Sims. Visualize the housecleaning that will ensue when we win.

If every Washingtonian who is sick and tired of being disenfranchised by King County simply plays the game by King County rules and registers and votes in Precinct 1823, we can't possibly lose. Tell all your friends in other states and countries to "move to" Precinct 1823 too (as long as they're U.S. citizens, of course).

Of course - this is all tongue-in-cheek.

Really, I swear!