Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Things I just don't get ...

The amazing Beth of She Who Will Be Obeyed managed to reach out and tag me the other day, in the midst of her whirlwind home-and-gone-again travel!

The goal is to describe the "Five things society at large enjoys, but that I, for the most part, just don't get..."

Sometimes I just ignore the oddities around me, being more of an observer than anything else. Tuning in to my reactions, I managed to come up with these - in no particular order ...

1. Reality TV shows
I have to admit that I have never watched a complete episode of any so-called Reality show. I've never watched Survivor, American Idol, Joe Millionaire or The Apprentice. The only one that sounds remotely interesting is The Amazing Race - but only for the travel component. I have no desire to watch any of these shows - the premises range from lame to bizarre, and I have better ways to waste my time ... like Blogging ... *grin*

2. Kids' clothing
Why is it that teenage boys wear pants that inhibit their ability to walk normally? The whole concept of having to walk only from the knees down is just plain stupid, quite aside from looking unattractive. Girls clothing is just the opposite - too revealing! Even the outfits for little girls show off the whole midsection. I'm glad I don't have children, I'm afraid that the battles would be endless!!

3. Celebrity politics
Why do I care what Rosie, Jane or *shudder* Janeane have to say about politics? Even those who I actually find to be entertaining don't deserve a bigger soapbox than anyone else. In fact - the very stardom that provides them with a doting fan base makes their opinions less useful, not more! I don't know how any one who constantly hears fawning compliments from strangers could be expected to be well-balanced about anything. Being popular has nothing to do with being smart, nor does it add to the level of insight into the common person - if anything, they are so far removed from the common life that they don't have any clue.

4. TV commercials in movie theaters
When did TV commercials start appearing as part of the movie theater pre-show? When I was a kid, we had a cartoon, then a preview, then the movie that we came to see. Cartoons disappeared rapidly, and slowly the preview grew to several, then to many. Now we have many movie previews -AND- TV commercials! I think for the gawdawful price we pay for movie tickets, not to mention popcorn and sodas, that we should have less of this extraneous garbage, not more! Okay - maybe this one isn't really enjoyed by society-at-large ... but I still don't get it.

5. "Support the military, but not the war"
As you can tell from my blog - I do support the military. I also support the war in Iraq as well as Afghanistan. I'd like to say I helped elect President Bush - but being from Washington, that really isn't true. But I support the President, and the mission. To say you support military people, but you think they're mission is wrong makes absolutely zero sense. It also demeans every Soldier, Marine, Sailor and Airman serving in our armed forces.
You can disagree with the reasons we got into the war, this is a free country. Support the troops by showing them that their mission is honorable and they are succeeding at it ... period.

Okay, job done ... except I have to designate the next 5 people who get to play.

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